• For the first time, the utility industry has a truly affordable and effective technology tool to assist in day-to-day compliance, water quality, asset management (CMMS), and administrative responsibilities.

  • SEMS makes compliance fast and easy. Ever-changing regulations and reporting can be daunting, but through a specialized calendaring system, you will be alerted to any required sampling, collection processes, and their results.

  • SEMS is able to incorporate all work order scheduling, historical work order data, and preventative maintenance scheduling within your current GIS application. This means there is no need to enter data more than once or to work in two programs at the same time. SEMS seamlessly maintains one central database of information.

  • SEMS provides complete asset inventory and condition assessment suite that combines the computer maintenance management system (CMMS) and asset management (AM) functionality into one easy-to-use program.

  • Keeping track of the thousands of parts that you have in inventory can be a daunting task. SEMS provides with a comprehensive program that makes this task easily manageable.

  • SEMS gives you a full Backflow Management program making an easy way to handle all your customers, backflow assemblies, and certified testers.

  • Efficiently tracking all of the requirements in today’s waste water industry is overwhelming. SEMS has a solution to reduce the burden of daily tasks and reporting.

Welcome to SEMS Technologies

Our mission is to provide a robustly comprehensive, yet simple to use, system along with unmatched training and support services. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to make your utility the best it can be for your customers and stakeholders. Our subscription model ensures that you always have the most up-to-date software from both a regulatory perspective and for overall product usability.

Utility Asset Management White Paper

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What they sold us & what they delivered was exactly what we wanted.\"
-Jaimie F. (Indiana City)
They kept after us through the implementation process to keep everything on schedule.\"
-Sandra R. (Oregon City)
It was time to stop kicking the can down the road & address our utilities sustainability & asset condition!\"
-Dennis W. (Ohio Utility)
SEMS is easy to use; the big buttons make it easy for my staff to use! Can\'t mess it up!\"
-Alan F. (O&M Company)
SEMS consolidated four different systems for us and just as importantly, my staff bought into the change. That made the migration go very smoothly.

Asset Management

Remind - Direct - Archive

In today’s aging infrastructure and budget challenged environment we have to address getting more out of what we have; from our equipment, our inventory, to our people, and don’t forget to improve your level of service in the process. SEMS gives you a system to address the management of the people, keeping up with your inventory, the proper maintaining of the assets, cost of repairs and maintenance along with planning for the future with an integrated CIP.

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Water Quality Compliance Data Management

Schedule - Store - Report

With today’s ever-changing regulatory compliance demands SEMS has simplified the workflow process of tracking required water quality testing, results and state reporting. This is all done through a familiar calendar which automatically schedules and updates status of sampling. Additionally an electronic benchsheet makes it easy to record operational data such as PH, Temperature, Chlorine residual, etc. And the Lab results are easily imported into SEMS to complete the collection process.

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Backflow Management

Print - Test - Report

With constant regulatory changes, SEMS takes this complicated and daunting task, and simplifies it to a three step process: Print - Test - Report. SEMS automatically keeps your customer information current with our Billing Connect feature, ensuring the letter printed goes to the right person. As test reports come back and are entered, SEMS moves the next test date appropriately which is easily viewed on an Outlook style calendar. This ensures that you never miss sending letters or receiving your tests back.

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