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Asset Management – CMMS

SEMS provides complete asset inventory and condition assessment suite that combines the computer maintenance management system (CMMS) and asset management (AM) functionality into one simple program. Within our one suite, all needed functionalities are integrated into the asset management module, including: Asset Information, Capital Improvement Planning, Preventative Maintenance Scheduling, Work Order Management, and Fleet Maintenance. SEMS robust CMMS program gives managers all the information they require to make good asset management decisions.

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Cross Connection Control Program – Backflow Management

SEMS Backflow Management is an easy way to handle all your customers, backflow assemblies, and certified testers. Administering backflow programs can be tedious and time-consuming, since customer’ information must be current, inspected, accounts kept up-to-date, and notice letters communicated efficiently. SEMS makes it easy! We give you all these features while providing the reports you need for your primacy agency. You can even update all customer information automatically process from your billing system using SEMS Connect™.

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Drinking Water Compliance

Ever-changing regulations and reporting can be daunting, but SEMS makes compliance simple and fast. Our specialized calendaring system alerts you to required sampling, collection processes, and their results. SEMS even stores the results and uses them to automatically produce Monthly or Quarterly reports your state requires. Similarly, our comphrensive CCR process lets you eliminate costly outsourcing; you can maintain a controllable process quickly and easily.

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Fleet Management

SEMS will help you easily plan and track your fleet inventory, preventive maintenance, repairs, fuel, parts, and much more in an affordable, easy to use program. From cars, trucks, mowers, trailers to heavy construction equipment, SEMS will help keep your assets in top condition. Our software can handle an unlimited number of preventive maintenance schedules for all of the vehicles in your fleet. Monitor and track maintenance to vehicles and their subsystems (engines, tires, hydraulics, etc).

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Integrated Add-Ons

SEMS offers a variety of add-ons to help make your software suite as productive and effortless as a management tool can be. From integration with your existing systems to cross-platform databasing and custom development, SEMS will provide everything you need to get the job done easily and efficiently.

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Inventory Management

Keeping track of the thousands of parts that you have in inventory can be a daunting task. SEMS provides with a comprehensive program that makes this task easy. You can schedule inventory reorder points and then be notified once the time comes to purchase parts. Since you never need to worry whether you have the parts in stock, you can avoid costly overnight shipping and duplicate purchases. The SEMS system even lets you leverage multiple vendors for bids on large orders, to get the most for every procurement dollar.

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SEMS now offers smaller organizations a targeted implementation of our software’s best features. Quickstart™ is a comprehensive, yet simple, utility management software. It can be up and running in just 30 days and is a user friendly, easy-to-learn software. You get the same system the big utilities use…but it is tailored to you!

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The bio-terrorism act of 2002 forced the utility industry to see itself from an entirely different perspective, focusing on its vulnerabilities and emergency response preparatedness. SEMS has helped thousands of utilities meet the new requirements using an easy-to-use software tool that produces both an Emergency Response Plan and a Vulnerability Assessment.

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Wastewater Compliance

Tackling all the wastewater industry regulations can be tough, time-consuming job; doing it efficiently is often overwhelming. SEMS has a solution to reduce the burden of daily tasks and reporting creating DMR’s effortlessly through a specialized calendaring system, with unique automatic reminders and electronic benchsheet entry process. Inflow issues can be another major headache, especially if you want to avoid a costly engineer site visit. SEMS provides a solution by taking SCADA flow readings through SEMS Connect™ and graphing them to highlight problem areas.

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